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This Nova Scotian politician didn’t realize blackface is offensive

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A bunch of Dutch people in blackface and on rollerblades because... it's Christmas? via Flickr.

A bunch of Dutch people in blackface and on rollerblades because… it’s Christmas? via Flickr.

Joachim Stroink, a Liberal member of the legislature in Nova Scotia, got a fancy new racism scandal in his Christmas stocking this year. At a Dutch holiday event last weekend, the Nova Scotian politician sat on the lap of a man posing as the always controversial Zwarte Piet—the Netherlands’ confusingly racist, blackface holiday character who is Santa’s slave. Stroink smiled for the camera. Then, to solidify a social media and political backlash, this supergenius tweeted the photo with the following caption: “Giving some love to Zwarte Piet and Sinterklass [sic] thank you to the Dutch community for putting this event on.” (Photo after the jump)

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August 30, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Why Halifax shouldn’t welcome Chris Brown

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Renowned woman-beater and musician Chris Brown is coming to Halifax. On Friday, a promotions group announced Brown is headlining a show at Alderney Landing at the end of August.

Already some Haligonians are calling the show problematic.

As one Facebook user, Nichole Fougere, wrote on the event wall: “The town that got huge publicity for gross negligence in [a] rape case will [now] be host to one of the most famous women-beaters in music.”

Another commenter, Harrison Bennett, wrote: “Will Chris Brown be playing the hits or doling them out?”

Brown mercilessly beat up his girlfriend Rihanna, and didn’t stop until police intervened.

Halifax should not welcome this misogynist. His presence is a threat to a local conversation about violence against women—a conversation that’s still in its infancy. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 13, 2013 at 2:22 am

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