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Who owns downtown Halifax?

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Published on July 3, 2012. Read the interactive story on OpenFile.

Argyle Street, as seen from the future site of the Convention Centre. (Photo by Hilary Beaumont)

In downtown Halifax, property owners jostle for space like fans at a rock concert. Elbows up, Joe Ramia and his brother George Ramia hold strategic space near the waterfront, along Barrington and at the old Chronicle Herald site. It’s no secret Starfish Properties’ Louis Reznick owns more Barrington Street storefronts than anyone else, but he also claims a slice of Historic Properties.

Screenshot of the interactive downtown Halifax map, by Hilary Beaumont and Bill McEwan.

Another strategy emerges along Argyle. Three companies have bought up adjacent buildings, and now lease to restaurants who cater to downtown diners and club-goers.

Gary Hurst and Steve McMullin of Five Fishermen Limited and Cornwallis Properties Limited own Cheers, Taboo, the Dome and the Five Fishermen. At the south end of Argyle, Luigi and Marilisa Benigno of Alessandra Investments Limited own almost an entire block of tiny lots. The cash cow includes restaurant space occupied by The Loose Cannon, Subway and Sicilian Pizza. Across the street, Costa Elles and Chris Tzaneteas own part of the city block that contains The Argyle, Burrito Jax and Venus Pizza.

Other downtown tycoons, like Ralph Medjuck of Cambridge Suites Limited, hold monopolies on hotels, or on the buildings in the banking district, which are mostly owned by Michael Veit and Edgar Reifer of TDB Halifax Holdings Limited.

The priciest properties in the downtown—the Aliant Building ($54 million), Scotia Square ($118 million) and 1801 Hollis Street ($37 million)—are owned by Fortis Properties Corporation, Crombie Developments Limited and Canadian Property Holdings Inc. respectively.

To read the multimedia story with interactive maps, click here. The second story in this series, “The six that own downtown Halifax,” profiles the downtown owners.

An anonymous and slightly greasy note slipped into my breakfast at the Good Food Emporium.


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